Roger Stone flips out on Trump's 'Truth Social' with complaint he's being censored: report
Roger Stone (Photo: Screen capture)

According to a report from the Daily Beast, former Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone grew angry with his former boss's new social media endeavor because they put up a warning on one of his posts.

As the Beast's Zachary Petrizzo reported, Stone took to his "Truth Social" account to post "about 'radical Islam,' including a picture of an old Trump campaign button and the comment, 'Trump also warns again a growing threat of terrorism by radical Islam mix in the predicted the 9/11 attack.'"

Moderators at the troubled Truth Social, which has sold itself to the former president's many fans as a freewheeling home for conservative discussion, apparently had a problem with Stone's "truth" (their nomenclature for a "tweet") and slapped it with a warning reading, "Sensitive content. This content may not be suitable for all audiences."

That led Stone to lash out by writing, "Why would this be censored content on TruthSocial?” with a second screenshot of the Trump button.

"Stone’s assertion about being 'censored' comes after other MAGA-loving Truth users claimed they have been silenced on the platform, which launched in late February. 'So, tonight I was #censored on #TruthSocial,' a user wrote Saturday night," the Beast report states.

"The Daily Beast’s media newsletter Source Material first reported the ghost town of a site had been overrun by bots, including 'verified' accounts bearing big names like the NFL and TMZ and NASCAR that were not affiliated with the iconic brands," Petrizzo added.