'I'm getting ready to sue people': Roger Stone reacts to 'corrupt trial' acquitting Clinton lawyer
Roger Stone (Photo by Andrew Caballero-Reynolds for AFP)

Longtime Trump ally Roger Stone said this week that he was going to start suing people after Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann was found not guilty on charges of lying to the FBI.

During an appearance on The Alex Jones Show on Wednesday, Stone suggested that the trial was unfair because the jury pool in Washington, D.C. is "corrupted."

"You had Hillary Clinton donors and [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] donors on the jury," Stone complained. "The jury forewoman actually gave a press conference after the verdict and said lying to the FBI is no big deal and the country has much larger issues."

"So this was a totally politicized and corrupted trial," he continued. "Why Michael Sussmann? He was the fall guy! He was the sacrificial lamb! He was the patsy! And even he didn't go down."

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Stone insisted that "the conspiracy goes all the way to Hillary Clinton."

"Why the hell hasn't she been charged?" he asked.

Stone asserted that Democrats are conspiring to accuse Donald Trump and his supporters of crimes.

"It's all starting all over again," the Trump ally remarked. "As you may have seen over the weekend, some whacky left-wing lawyer from Hollywood has now decided that I was involved in the cloning and dissemination of Hunter Biden's laptop! This is true genuine Hollywood insanity."

"I'm getting ready to start suing people," he added. "I really don't have any choice. But guess what, Alex? I'm going to sue them in Florida, not in the District of Columbia."

Watch the video below via The Alex Jones Show or at this link.