'He's just terrible at this': CNN panelist stunned by DeSantis' new 'pathetic' attack on Trump
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks to guests at the Nebraska Steak Fry. (Right Cheer/Flickr)

Reacting to comments Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) made in Utah on Saturday where he appeared to attack Donald Trump without mentioning his name, a CNN "State of the Union" panelist was flabbergasted at how "pathetic" the Florida governor is when it comes to taking on the former president.

Speaking in Utah, DeSantis complained about the Republican party losing which host Dana Bash characterized as "talking about Donald Trump without talking about Donald Trump directly."

Asked for his thoughts, Democratic strategist Paul Begala exclaimed, "Pathetic, he's just terrible at this!" which caused his co-panelists to laugh.

Begala continued, "He [DeSantis] won his reelection by 19 points, I'm very impressed. Florida is a tough state to run in; I do admire that. But good night! He is -- if you're gonna go against Trump, go against Trump!"

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"If you're going to be the insurgent, sound like [anti-Trump GOP operative] Scott Jennings, okay? Hire Scott Jennings," he added.

"He [DeSantis] said he kind of wanted the endorsements, but then Trump got them," he continued. "He was like, remember, there was a Florida guy. [Former MLB player] Jose Canseco was a great one, one of the greatest sluggers who ever lived. Played in the eighties and nineties, but he's a terrible fielder."

"This is DeSantis as a baseball player," he elaborated. "Canseco one time went out to catch a fly ball, and it bounced off his head and then it went over the fence for a home run. That's what Governor DeSantis did this week."

"He's pathetic at this, and I'm begging him to get better -- I don't want Trump," he added.

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