Ron DeSantis accuses DirecTV of 'intellectual discrimination' for dropping Newsmax
Twitter/screen grab

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis argued on Tuesday that DirecTV was guilty of "intellectual discrimination" because it dropped Newsmax, a conservative news channel.

At a press conference, DeSantis was asked if DirecTV should be investigated at the state level over the cancellation.

The governor suggested that DirecTV had used an "ideological litmus test" to oust Newsmax.

"They have so much other content that is very lightly viewed and yet they keep that on," he said, "and it seems it's the One America News and the Newsmax who are being targeted. So, I think it does warrant investigation."

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DeSantis said that the investigation should originate in the U.S. Congress.

"And I think they need to ensure that there is not intellectual discrimination going on when it comes to what people are able to view," he concluded.

DeSantis has previously taken on private business by attacking Disney's self-governance in Florida. He has also moved to prevent students from learning about gender and African-American AP studies.

Watch the video below or at this link.