GOP's Ronny Jackson lashes out at Gmail for sending his campaign emails to spam: 'This is election interference!'
Dr. Ronny Jackson, White House photo by Pete Souza.

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) on Monday night posted an angry tirade against Gmail for purportedly sending the campaign emails he's been sending to supporters directly to their spam folders.

Writing on Twitter, Jackson suggested that this was all part of a plot by the tech industry to silence conservative voices.

"Gmail is actively suppressing emails from Republicans from hitting your inbox," wrote the Trump-loving Republican. "Straight to SPAM! This is ELECTION INTERFERENCE! Big Tech is out of CONTROL!!"

Many of Jackson's Twitter followers, however, chimed in to note that his own tweet, which is loaded with all-caps letters and excessive exclamation points, is the kind of message that frequently sets off Gmail's spam alarms.

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"When you spam people, you end up in the spam folder? That's a feature, not a bug," wrote Norwegian journalist Morten Øverbye.

Comedian Eileen Mary O’Connell jokingly replied to Jackson that "Gmail is also actively suppressing emails from all the hot singles in my area."

And Yale University professor of radiology Howard Forman linked Jackson's emails to supporters with the iconic email scam related to the supposed deposed prince of Nigeria who asks people to send him their bank account information.

"Can you ask them to suppress my GOP emails?" he wrote. "They keep hitting my inbox and most of my Democratic emails are going to spam. Also, Nigerian prince keeps emailing me and it is hit or miss whether it goes to spam."