'No pushback': Expert explains why Rudy Giuliani is in such grave legal danger
Rudy Giuliani (Photo: Screen capture)

On CNN Wednesday, former federal prosecutor Laura Coates broke down the significance of former President Donald Trump's legal adviser Rudy Giuliani being raided.

"Remember what it reminds the American people of. Remember this investigation," said Coates. "It was the essence of the first impeachment trial, the first impeachment trial of President Trump, so it has a clear demarcation between these two different administrations. And it also talks about transparency because remember, Giuliani is being investigated in part, we're understanding, based on his failure to register as a foreign agent on behalf of another nation. The ideas of loyalty. The ideas of to whom you serve and whether or not you're going to be transparent and about serving these two sort of masters, is very part and parcel to everything we're talking about."

"Make no mistake about it, you don't get a warrant against Rudy Giuliani without Merrick Garland being aware and running up the chain in anticipation of the political optics, and yet, and still, you didn't have any pushback in the form of shutting it down," added Coates.

Watch below:

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