Rudy Giuliani's incompetence stuns CNN host: 'The guy you hire if you want to get impeached'
Rudy Giuliani during a press briefing. (Screenshot)

CNN host John Berman on Friday expressed astonishment at the incompetence displayed by former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who played a central role in both of the former president's impeachments.

During a discussion on Giuliani's latest legal troubles, legal analyst Eli Honig explained how Giuliani's antics paved the way for former President Donald Trump to become the first president in American history to be impeached twice.

"It seemed that throughout Donald Trump's time as president, any time he got in trouble, Rudy was not far behind," Honig explained. "Rudy was really a driving force behind the first impeachment."

In fact, Honig said, some of Giuliani's legal troubles stem from the actions he took that led to Trump's first impeachment, as prosecutors are examining whether his successful efforts to oust former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch were done on behalf of former Ukrainian government officials, which could mean Giuliani broke the law by being an unregistered lobbyist for foreign interests.

Host John Berman marveled at the fact that the president's own lawyer was a central figure in getting him impeached two separate times.

"Giuliani is the guy you go to if you want to get impeached, right?" he joked. "If you're a president, [you] need to get impeached, hire Giuliani, and you get there pretty quickly."

Watch the video below.

Rudy Giuliani's incompetence mocked: 'The guy you hire if you want to get impeached'