FBI searches home of Giuliani associate who was involved in Ukraine film money scheme: report
Rudy Giuliani at the 2016 Republican National Convention (Disney/Flickr)

According to a report from Mother Jones' Dan Freidman and Russ Choma, an associate of Rudy Giuliani who was working with the former New York City mayor to finance a film of the connections between the Biden family and Ukraine had his home in Aptos, California searched by FBI agents on Tuesday.

A previous report noted that George Dickson III, a cannabis entrepreneur, was assisting Giuliani in raising $10 million for the project that attorney hoped would be the "kill shot" that would cripple now-president Joe Bidens' campaign that eventually unseated Donald Trump.

With regard to Dickson's home, Mother Jones is now reporting "a spokesperson for the FBI's San Francisco office on Thursday said they could 'confirm the FBI was present at that location on Tuesday, June 22 to conduct court-authorized law enforcement activity.' The spokesperson declined to comment further 'due to the ongoing nature of the investigation.'"

"Federal prosecutors in New York are investigating Giuliani for a suspected violation of foreign lobbying laws in regard to his efforts in Ukraine, where he worked with former Ukrainian government officials and alleged Russian agents to gin up allegations about Joe Biden that Giuliani and former President Donald Trump pressured Ukraine's government to investigate," the report continues.

The report notes, "The movie was never made, and it is unclear if the project raised any funds. But the three men were seeking minimum investments of $1 million and considered selling shares in the project to people outside of the United States, according to documents prepared for potential investors and obtained by Mother Jones.," before adding, "Last year, lawyers told Mother Jones that raising money abroad for a movie that could be seen as aimed at influencing the 2020 election could violate campaign finance laws or the Foreign Agents Registration Act, if the investors were tied to foreign governments."

The Dickson raid is part of a rough week for Giuliani who saw his law license in the state of New York suspended over his attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.