Ex-White House lawyer explains how Rudy Giuliani could still end up in jail​
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President Donald Trump has been talking about delivering pardons to everyone like Christmas presents. But even that won't stop his top lawyer and friend, Rudy Giuliani, to escape any of his legal troubles.

Speaking to MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace on Tuesday, former White House acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal explained Giuliani has a lot more to worry about.

"Prosecutors for the Southern District of New York have discussed making legal requests for Giuliani's electronic communications according to two sources familiar with the probe talking to NBC News," said Wallace. "The sources say that the investigation into Giuliani is ongoing with one saying that it is, 'very active.' However, the scope of the probe remains unclear."

She cited the Wall Street Journal report from Oct. 2019 saying prosecutors were reviewing Giuliani's bank records as part of his role in the Ukraine scandal that ultimately ended with Trump being impeached.

"It says a lot," said Katyal. "First of all, it says that Rudy Giuliani, at this point, has done it all. He's gone from America's mayor to America's crazy uncle and now America's most wanted, I guess. You know, this is amazing. The lawyer to the president of the United States is under active criminal investigation by a Department of Justice run by the president of the United States. And it is even more amazing that this investigation is being carried out by Rudy Giuliani's former office, the Southern District of New York, the storied office that Giuliani once ran 30 years ago."

He said that it was even more amazing that Giuliani is defending Trump in court while he's under investigation by the DOJ.

"He is essentially angling for a pardon," Katyal said. "And so you have all of these things kind of swirling at once. This investigation has been going on for a long time. There were two other associates of Mr. Giuliani's, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman who have both been indicted already. And they had a company called Fraud Guarantee, I kid you not, that is the actual name of the company, and Fraud Guarantee paid Rudy Giuliani a half-million dollars. And Fraud Guarantee has been around since 2013 and, according to Florida records, never had a single client, never had returned for its investors. But somehow managed to pay Rudy Giuliani a half-million dollars."

See Neal Katyal in the video below:

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