Rudy Giuliani thinks the government might kill Donald Trump
Rudy Giuliani (Photo by Mandel Ngan for AFP)

In a sit down with Rudy Giuliani in an empty restaurant, a Newsmax host asked if he thought the American government would ever kill him.

The host recalled the comments from Giuliani that the FBI search warrant to retrieve classified documents from Mar-a-Lago was the kind of thing that happened in third-world countries with unstable governments.

"All the time. They kill them. They arrest them. They put their families in jail," Giuliani began.

"Should Donald Trump be in any fear of the deep state maybe killing him," asked John Tabacco.

"I do," said Giuliani. "In many different ways, I do. The amount of hatred generated toward him is the kind of hatred we worry about that would set off a sick person. I mean, if there is anything to the fact that, that hatred can set off sick people. There's no one where more hatred has been generated by the mainstream media — who do they hate more than Donald Trump. They display it at, uh, Emmy awards, they display it at — everywhere."

See the Giuliani video below or at this link.

Rudy being Rudy..... again