Eastman ruling is the latest nail in the coffin for Rudy Giuliani: ex-Mueller prosecutor
Rudy Giuliani (Photo by Mandel Ngan for AFP)

One of the major pieces of the ruling by U.S. District Court Judge David Carter highlighted some of the emails in John Eastman's Chapman University account that proved Donald Trump knew that there was nothing fraudulent in the Georgia election.

Trump and his attorneys claimed falsely in court that "Fulton County improperly counted a number of votes including 10,315 deceased people, 2,560 felons, and 2,423 unregistered voters," said the Court documents.

The emails from Eastman, however, proved that it was discussed that none of these allegations were true. It means that not only did Trump and his lawyers file false statements in court, they also knowingly pushed election leaders to change the vote so that it would hand Trump the win in 2020.

Speaking to MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace on Thursday, former FBI counsel and Robert Mueller prosecutor, Andrew Weissmann, pointed out that it isn't just Trump that is in trouble. This ties Rudy Giuliani to yet more legal troubles.

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"I can not go back in time to the Georgia efforts without doing two things, playing the [Brad] Raffensperger call and reminding everybody about the human collateral of Trump's lies," said Nicolle Wallace. "Have they had a civil legal pursuit against Donald Trump? Does that meet a judge's standard?"

Weissmann agreed, saying that the judge's finding doesn't mean that the Fulton County district attorney can simply trot them out in court.

"But the evidence that is about to be produced is something that you can use," said Weissmann. "Of course, if there were a civil proceeding, the standard is exactly the same. They're making a finding that civil liability. They applied the exact same standard as judge carter. You would assume he would get the exact same result. And there is more evidence than what was before judge carter. He is looking at a sliver of the evidence that Jan. 6 committee and Georgia prosecutor is looking at. It's worth remembering also that Rudy Giuliani is alleged to have made exactly these representations. And the team internally knew it was false. So, this is also, I think, a pretty bad day for Mr. Giuliani."

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