'Victory is on the horizon': Rudy Giuliani teams up with OAN to advance election lies
OAN/screen grab

Rudy Giuliani, an attorney for President Donald Trump, this week teamed up the OAN conservative network to spread misinformation about the 2020 election.

"Trump campaign attorney Rudy Giuliani says victory is on the horizon," an OAN anchor said while introducing Giuliani and correspondent Chanel Rion, who interviewed the attorney.

"The fate of the nation seems to rest on the shoulders of a few individuals," Rion began.

"I believe it's an election in which a terrible crime was committed that is being covered up," Giuliani opined. "If this gets covered up, there's no reason Democrats won't continue it in the future. I believe they are doing it right now in the Senate race that's going on in Georgia. They are using all the same fraudulent practices they used in the presidential race."

According to Giuliani, "five or six states have the evidence that shows that the Biden people stole the election. And not only that, they have the evidence that shows Trump actually had more votes."

"I can see the fraud," he continued. "It's in front of my eyes. What am I supposed to do? Close my eyes and make believe that in Fulton County, when they closed the doors and they got rid of the public and they started triple counting ballots and it ends up being 120,000 for Biden and 3,000 for Trump, they weren't cheating? Am I stupid? I've got to pretend I'm stupid in order to comply with the dictates of what is almost becoming a dictatorship, the left wing."

"You have these facts," Rion chimed in. "You have these instances showing they are lying, to your point. How do you overcome this if the entire media machine refuses?"

Giuliani argued that the election could be overturned by giving state legislators "more and more facts."

"Don't let the propaganda machine wear you down," he advised Trump supporters. "Do your own reading, listen to OANN and similar few brave networks that allow you to speak. Don't be completely trapped by the iron curtain of big tech censorship. I mean, if we let this happen, we become like Venezuela, we become like China, we become like East Berlin was or Nazi Germany."

Giuliani noted that he is "extremely disappointed" Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and other Republicans who refuse to fight to overturn the election.

"It's disgusting to watch this kind of cowardice," he remarked.

But the president's attorney said that he feels personally "energized" because he is "fighting for justice."

"I don't really care what anybody else thinks," Giuliani concluded. "I feel good about myself and I feel that I'm doing what I was supposed to do. And I feel that I can look at myself in the mirror every morning and feel that I'm doing what God wants me to do."

Watch the video below from OAN.