WATCH: Giuliani’s lawyer squirms to save reputation as Steve Bannon falsely rants about stolen election
Steve Bannon (Screenshot)

On Thursday, following Rudy Giuliani's suspension from practicing law in New York, the longtime Donald Trump ally and former mayor's attorney, John Leventhal, appeared on Steve Bannon's radio show to discuss his efforts to defend Giuliani — but could only fidget awkwardly as Bannon endorsed the same election fraud conspiracy theories that got Giuliani into trouble in the first place.

"He's a valued member of the legal profession, he's a valued member of this country," said Bannon. "He was talking about Peter Navarro's analysis of facts and others, and three thousand affidavits, three thousand affidavits that he had. And now you see in Arizona, you see it in Georgia, you see it all over. And you're telling me that that's — this appellate court suspended his ability to make a living, and try to humiliate and shame one of the greatest living Americans that sacrificed more for his country than virtually anybody ... that's what we're doing because he spoke up about an illegitimate election that we know now was illegitimate because the receipts are going out in Arizona and other places. Is that why they suspended his license, sir?"

"They were of the view that the statements he made were proven to be untrue," said Leventhal.

Watch below:

Steve Bannon interviews Rudy Giuliani's lawyer