New Rudy Giuliani recording 'brings to life' Trump's Ukraine quid pro quo: former SDNY chief
Rudy Giuliani (Photo: Screen capture)

On CNN Monday, following the release of an audio tape that appears to show Rudy Giuliani discussing a quid pro quo deal with Ukrainian officials to get dirt on President Joe Biden's family, former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara broke down the implications.

"Some of the information is not new, but as we've seen in other contexts in courtrooms around the country, if you have video and you have audio and if you're lucky enough to have both, that crystallizes and brings to life the contact of the person being examined," said Bharara. "That's true here: Rudy Giuliani, in a pressing tone, asking for things that only make sense in the political context that he was in in that year. And that is that President Trump and the people around him were very concerned about a political rival, not about corruption in the Ukraine or the United States, but a political rival by the name of Joe Biden."

"What's incredibly telling — and you hear it in the voice of Rudy Giuliani — is he's not necessarily even asking for an investigation," continued Bharara. "He emphasizes the importance of an announcement of an investigation, because that would have the political effect of hurting a rival, Joe Biden. And Joe Biden turned out to be the most significant rival to Donald Trump and ended up winning the election, so their fears were well-founded. How Giuliani and others reacted and dealt with that fear, that political fear, is awful, as I think any reasonable person would say."

Watch below:

Preet Bharara on Rudy Giuliani Ukraine tape