Giuliani was able to have his vote counted because of process he hypocritically bashed: CNN

On Monday, CNN's KFILE reported that Rudy Giuliani voted with a provisional ballot — a practice he publicly opposed during the Trump team's effort to overturn the results of the presidential election.

According to Em Steck and Andrew Kaczynski, Giuliani was forced to do this because his name was missing from the voter rolls when he showed up at a Manhattan precinct to cast his ballot.

"Giuliani's registration was moved to his Long Island home in August and his registration in New York City was purged in September. Giuliani told CNN he did not know why his registration was moved to his Long Island home in August and contested that he changed his registration at all," said the report. "Giuliani swore in an affidavit oath that he was registered to vote in the Manhattan district and cast his ballot there. A New York City Board of Elections official told CNN the vote would count, citing a provision in the state's election law."

Giuliani denies that he ever changed his address, and claims this whole episode suggests possible fraud among election workers in New York.

However, in the immediate aftermath of the election, Giuliani tried to cite the number of provisional ballots being cast in Pennsylvania as evidence that Biden's victory was fraudulent.

"To give you another example, we have 17,000 provisional ballots cast in Pittsburgh," said Giuliani at one event. "Do you know what a provisional ballot is? Provisional ballot usually happens [sic] this way, and about 15 of the 17,000 happened this way: you walk in and you say, 'I'm here to vote today.' 'Oh, Mr. Giuliani, you already voted.' 'I did? I don't remember voting.' 'Oh, yes. Yes. You cast an absentee ballot.' 'No, I didn't.' 'Yes, you did.' 'No, I didn't.' 'Yes, you did.'"

Even Trump's Justice Department refused to pursue Giuliani's provisional ballot conspiracy theory.