Anonymous claims it's hacked 700 gigs of data from the Russian Ministry of Culture

The hacktivist group Anonymous claims that it's got 700 gigs of data from the Russian government, according to a tweet on Monday.

In a thread, Emma Best, a founder of the site DDoSecrets, explained that there are 600,000 emails and, of the 700 gigs, 446 gigs came from the Ministry of Culture. That department is responsible for state policy regarding art, cinematography, archives, copyright, cultural heritage, and censorship.

The information uncovered from that department totaled 230,000 emails along with other information.

An additional 130,000 emails came from President Vladimir Putin's appointed governor of the Tver region. The emails range from 2016 through 2022.

Another 230,000 emails came from the office of the city administration of Blagoveshchensk, which is a city on the border with China.

There were also 37,500 emails that came from the logging and wood manufacturing firms and companies in Russia. Another 100,000 emails came from Aerogas, an oil and gas engineering company. The company is a combined effort by Russia's largest oil producer, Rosneft, and the largest natural gas producer Novatek.

Their website describes themselves as a supplier of "rare and specialty gases." Another data set came from Petrovsky Fort, owner of one of the largest office complexes in Russia's Saint Petersburg, which is the second-largest city in the country.

"The leak is just the latest installment in a cascade of 'smash and grab' cyberattacks hackers and cyber activists carried out against Russia over Moscow's invasion of Ukraine on the night of February 24," CyberNews reported. "Recently hackers dumped close to 800 GB of data belonging to the All-Russian State and Radio Company (VGTRK), the Kremlin's propaganda branch."

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Another recent data dump revealed 5,500 emails from a Russian investment firm owned by Zakhar Smushkin, called Thozis Corp. Smushkin's paper mills went into business with International Paper, a Memphis, Tennessee company.

"International Paper announced its 50-50 business partnership with Smushkin's company, Ilim Group, in 2007 and said it would invest about $650 million to start," reported the Commercial Appeal. "Their project sought to harvest trees from Russia's vast forests and sell wood pulp to China for production into products such as toilet paper and paper towels."

Smushkin is also cited in the Panama Papers through 2015.

A previous data set came from 150,000 emails, 8,200 files and several hundred gigabytes of information from the Russian state-owned Mosekspertiza, which was created by the Moscow Chamber of Commerce.

They're all part of three data sets published on the DDoSecrets site, but they're all still in Russian.

It is anticipated that Anonymous will reveal more information in the coming months.

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