Ukrainian medic delivers hundreds of hours of harrowing body camera footage from war-torn city of Mariupol
Ukrainian medic Yuliia Paievska (Screen cap via Associated Press video)

The Associated Press has obtained hundreds of hours of body camera footage taken by a medic named Yuliia Paievska from the war-torn Ukrainian city of Mariupol, which has been under constant attack from Russian forces since February.

Paievska, who is better known in Ukraine by her internet moniker "Taira," filmed footage of herself treating wounded residents and soldiers in Mariupol before eventually being captured earlier this year by Russian military forces.

Nonetheless, she was able to leak her collected footage to the AP shortly before her capture, and it provides a harrowing portrait of the brutal realities facing Ukrainian citizens in Mariupol.

"The video is an intimate record from Feb. 6 to March 10 of a city under siege that has now become a worldwide symbol of the Russian invasion and Ukrainian resistance," writes the AP. "In it, Taira is a whirlwind of energy and grief, recording the death of a child and the treatment of wounded soldiers from both sides."

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The footage also shows Taira treating both wounded Ukrainian and Russian soldiers, even though those same soldiers had been trying to violently occupy her city.

"On Feb. 24, the first day of the war, Taira chronicled efforts to bandage a Ukrainian soldier’s open head wound," writes the AP. "Two days later, she ordered colleagues to wrap an injured Russian soldier in a blanket."

See some clips of the videos obtained by the Associated Press at this link.