'No one will survive': Russian state TV host tries to calm lawmaker who pushes for nuking the UK
Russia State TV. (Screencap)

A Russian state television show this week got into a heated debate over the potential end of the world should Russia launch a nuclear strike against the United Kingdom.

As flagged by The Daily Beast's Julia Davis, the debate took place between a state TV host and someone whom she describes as a "trigger happy lawmaker."

"One missile and that's it!" the lawmaker declared. "The British Isles are no more!"

This prompted the host to push back against such a plan.

"The UK also has nuclear weapons," he pointed out. "No one will survive this war. When you propose the strike with a SARMAT [missile], do you understand that no one will survive? No one on the planet?"

"We'll start with a blank slate," the lawmaker replied, seemingly welcoming the prospect of a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland.

The lawmaker then pivoted to claiming that the UK couldn't retaliate because "their abilities are limited," while also claiming that the UK cannot shoot down Russia's newest missiles.

He then bragged that the missiles could obliterate Berlin, Paris, and London within under 250 seconds of being launched.

"Let them think about it, get a stopwatch, count 200 seconds, that's how you talk to them, they don't understand anything else!" he ranted.

Watch the video at this link or below.

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