Shockingly racist actions by San Diego cops revealed in internal reports
Angry cop (Shutterstock)

A review of newly released records shows San Diego police officers have engaged in numerous racist incidents.

California police departments were required under a 2021 law to release misconduct records to increase transparency and improve community relations, and KFMB-TV's review found that San Diego police targeted Black drivers, conducted improper searches and engaged in disturbing behavior while on and off duty.

"I kill [Black People] for a living," yelled one officer during a drunken disturbance at a bar in 2020, according to one investigative report. "I am a cop."

Another officer allegedly handcuffed a Latina woman in 2021 and told her that he did "not like dark meat."

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Both officers, however, eventually returned to their jobs.

The misconduct records corroborate years of complaints from minority residents, which were also substantiated by a 2016 study by San Diego State University that found "meaningful differences in the treatment of Black and Hispanic drivers, as compared to whites."

Public records also show the department's efforts to diversify its police force have failed, and instead San Diego has seen a steady drop in the number of sworn police officers since at least 1997.