Watch: Jon Hamm returns to SNL as show imagines Trump at Mar-a-Lago during Hurricane Ian
Jon Hamm / SNL screengrab

NBC's "Saturday Night Live" tackled the show's high turnover and the latest on Donald Trump in the premier of the show's 48th season.

The opening skit featured Peyton Manning and brother Eli Manning analyzing the show's "cold open" as if it were a football game.

After an appearance by Kristi Noem discussing abortion, Eli Manning asked, "What the hell was that."

"The governor of South Dakota, a political cast impression that no one asked for," Peyton Manning said. "What about a fun impression like Anthony Fauci or Lindsey Graham or Rudy Giuliani?"

"Those were all Kate McKinnon," his brother noted.

McKinnon was one of many cast members who left after the show's 47th season.

After more jokes flopped, the brothers broke down the numbers.

"The show is in a rebuilding year for sure," Peyton Manning said. "Let's take a look at the stats so far. Fourteen attempted jokes this episode, only one mild laugh and three chuckles."

For expert analysis, the two interviewed Jon Hamm, who has hosted the show three times.

"Jon, what have you seen so far tonight?" Peyton Manning asked.

"I don't know, but it's not comedy," Hamm replied. "They haven't even used Kenan [Thompson] yet. that's like putting a whole team of Elis on the field, and you've got the Peyton sitting on the sidelines. No offense, Eli."

"Oh no, I agree," Eli Manning replied.

The show suffered historic turnover between seasons.

"The day before May's finale, USA TODAY confirmed four cast members planned to exit: Aidy Bryant, Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon and Kyle Mooney," the newspaper reported. "September saw the additional (and involuntary) departures of Aristotle Athari – after one season – Alex Moffat and Melissa Villaseñor, who both started in 2016. Last week. Chris Redd confirmed he was also exiting after five seasons. This marks the show's biggest cast turnover since at least 1995."

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