'Disgusting antics': Leah Remini slams Scientology lawyers at Masterson trial
Leah Remini arrives for the Critics Choice Reels Awards on June 02, 2019 in Beverly Hills, CA. (Shutterstock.com

Actress and former Scientologist Leah Remini said the rape trial against Danny Masterson, a current member of Scientology, is filled with "Scientological misdirection" that seeks to distract from the "weak case" Masterson's defense attorney has.

Masterson, who is known for his role on That 70s Show, was charged with multiple rapes in June of 2020. Remini said on Tuesday that she had attended the rape trial of "celebrity Scientologist Danny Masterson" one day earlier in order to "support the brave women who were raped by Danny and then later harassed, stalked, and attacked by Scientology."

But her presence wasn't welcomed by Masterson's attorneys, Remini wrote on her blog.

"Shawn Holley, Danny Masterson's Scientology-controlled defense attorney, tried to make a spectacle about my presence in court and suggested that she would try and force me to testify," Remini said, adding that she has nothing material to say about the case or those involved.

She also noted that the actions of Holley may provide a glimpse into the "weak" case Holley has.

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"Imagine how weak Danny's case is that his defense attorney (one of several controlled by David Miscavige) has to go to these lengths," the actress wrote. "Shawn Holley, Phillip Cohen, and the rest of Danny's defense team just want to take the focus off their client, who has been charged with forcibly raping multiple women, and put it on me."

Remini added that the "pathetic attempts" to put the spotlight on her "are all a classic trick of Scientological misdirection."

Remini also pointed to the involvement of Reverend N.J. “Skip” L'Heureux. She said he is an "agent of Scientology," but he has denied having an association with Scientology.

A spokesperson for the Church of Scientology responded: "Her only interest is in continuing her profitmaking campaign fomenting hate and bigotry against the Church. She has no credibility."