Dilbert cartoonist says he got canceled even though 'everyone agreed' with his racist tirade
Scott Adams (Screen cap)

"Dilbert" creator Scott Adams over the weekend saw his cartoon get canceled by multiple publishers after he went on a racist tirade where he advised white Americans to "get the hell away from Black people," whom he described as a "hate group."

Writing on Twitter Monday, Adams lamented his misfortune and tried to claim that his racist views were actually wildly popular.

"Dilbert has been cancelled from all newspapers, websites, calendars, and books because I gave some advice everyone agreed with," he wrote. "'(My syndication partner canceled me.)"

As the Washington Post notes, Adams' outburst last week was inspired by a poll from right-wing pollster Rasmussem showing that 26 percent of Black Americans disagreed with the sentiment that "It's okay to be white," which he interpreted as a widespread hatred against white Americans.

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In fact, notes the Post, the phrase "it's okay to be white" has been adopted by white nationalist organizations as an attempt to counter the Black Lives Matter movement against police brutality.

In other words, it's possible that many Black Americans rejected the phrase on the basis of its association with a racist hate movement and do not hold deeply ingrained hatred against white Americans.

Regardless, it is clear that not "everybody" agreed with Adams' advice to "get the hell away from Black people," as his comments triggered outrage that led to demands that newspapers cancel his cartoon.