CNN conservative instantly regrets saying ‘fight to the death’ while talking about post-riot GOP: ‘Obviously I’m not serious’

A conservative commentator instantly regretted using a violent metaphor to talk about the future of the Republican Party in the wake of the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Former half-term senator Scott Brown, who served as Donald Trump's ambassador to New Zealand, told CNN's Dana Bash he'd be glad to serve on a commission to study the U.S. Capitol riot aimed at keeping the former president in office, and he expressed optimism that bipartisanship was still possible.

"Well, I believe we need to be a big tent party, like president [Ronald] Reagan said," Brown said. "We can fight till the death if we have to."

Brown quickly stopped himself and made clear that fight was metaphorical only, as the threat of violence looms over politics following the deadly insurrection.

"Obviously, I'm not serious," Brown said, correcting himself, "but we can fight tooth and nail, like Tip O'Neill and Ronald Reagan did. they fought by day, but by night they grabbed a scotch, played some cards and solved our country's problems. We're all Americans first, we're are not just Democrats and Republicans."

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