Scott Perry is a 'bargain basement Jim Jordan' who's 'as nutty as they get': MSNBC panel
Scott Perry for Congress on Facebook.

Pennsylvania GOP Rep. Scott Perry has been thrust into the center of the Jan. 6 probe this week, after he became the first sitting member of Congress asked to provide testimony and documents to the House select committee investigating the Capitol insurrection.

On Tuesday, Perry announced he will not comply with the request, calling the committee "illegitimate."

MSNBC analyst Kurt Andersen reacted to the developments by providing some background on Perry.

"This is a guy who in addition to being one of the junior Jim Jordan characters in the House, is really a true believer and has been," Andersen said Tuesday afternoon, adding that Perry was among the few Republicans who voted against awarding Congressional Gold Medals to Capitol police officers who battled rioters.

Andersen also said Perry is "one of the very few Republicans who refused to condemn QAnon last year."

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"This guy isn't just a normal right-winger in the House caucus. He's as nutty as they get," Andersen said. "He's an interesting character, because he's not a Jim Jordan type yet, he's not a Devin Nunes type yet, but I think he's about to become very familiar. And one thing we should know about this is, back in private business 15 or 20 years ago, he was accused of feloniously conspiring to falsify his corporate records, so this guy is familiar with the legal subpoena process."

MSNBC host John Heilemann responded by saying, "What I think I heard Kurt just say is that Perry is a bargain basement Jim Jordan."

"I just want to say: If anybody ever called me a bargain basement Jim Jordan, I would think it was time to rethink my life and priorities, " Heilemann said, adding that Perry is "important" despite "the ridicule that we heap on him — I would say — justifiably."

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Kurt Andersen on Scott Perry