Girl kicked off San Diego beach after stoning a sea lion​
Peruvian authorities are investigating the deaths of some 500 sea lions that appeared on a northern beach (AFP)

A young girl chucking rocks and kicking sand at a sea lion apparently asleep on a San Diego beach became a viral TikTok villain and the target of an angry lifeguard earlier this week.

"Little girl in the purple, you can leave now," the lifeguard informed her via loudspeaker, reported local TV station CBS 8.

Video posted on TikTok showed the small girl with a woman who may have been her mother pestering the sea lion as spectators watched. The animal lurched upward at one point when it appeared to be struck by something the girl threw.

"The mom looked shocked because they finally said something," said the woman who filmed the incident

Robyn Davidoff, chair of the Sierra Club Seal Society, told CBS 8 that beachgoers should keep their distance for their own safety, and the safety of animals.

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"They are wild animals. They are a little bit used to us, but they still are wild, and this time of the year, when they’re talking about mating, thinking about mating, they get a little frisky. People have to get out of the way," she said.

You can see the beach scene here or at this link.