Sean Hannity is 'scared' that the GOP is losing its way after this week's election smackdown: analyst
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Following Florida Republicans' surprise defeat in Jacksonville, losing the mayoral election despite the DeSantis-supported candidate raising four times the money of winning Democrat Donna Deegan, political analyst Juanita Tolliver told MSNBC's Ari Melber that even Fox News' Sean Hannity, a firm cheerleader for the GOP, is demanding Republicans answer for their loss.

"Sean Hannity was having a back and forth with the party chair [Ronna McDaniel] that got some notice. Take a look," said Melber.

"The Democrats are killing the Republicans with mail-in voting, early voting, and ballot harvesting. They're killing us," said Hannity. "Why are they so far behind?"

"There's two numbers that you have to point out," said McDaniel. "Democrats spent $600 million more in soft money in 2022, and the Senate candidates—"

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"Ronna, then go raise the money because otherwise, we won't compete," said Hannity.

"We're investing in all these states, minority outreach—" she replied.

"You're investing is behind the 8-ball. That's my point," said Hannity.

"What does it tell you that Sean Hannity, who's been very public — most anchors don't do this. He endorsed Trump. He sort of knows where he stands," said Melber. "But you see him calling out his fellow Republican on air there."

"It's just like you said at the open, Ari," said Tolliver. "He's shook. He's scared about what's to come. Because in a number of these races that happened yesterday, Republicans outraised and outspent those Democratic candidates two to one, three to one, and it did not matter, because those Democratic candidates also had to appeal to voters who are outright rejecting the Republican agenda. I'm talking about independent voters. We know that in Jacksonville, ground was gained with independent voters. In Colorado Springs, where they were attacking each other, the Republican voters were turned off when it came to the final vote and wanted to cast their ballots elsewhere."

"I think that's something Democrats are looking to happen again in 2024, when you look at Trump and DeSantis potentially squaring off day in and day out, turning off the Republican voters who don't want that negativity, who don't want that energy going forward," Tolliver added. "That's something to keep an eye out for."

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Juanita Tolliver says Sean Hannity is "scared" of GOP election failures