'Preposterous, sad and dangerous': MSNBC's Morning Joe levels Sean Hannity for sowing 'COVID confusion'

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough ripped Fox News broadcasters for sowing "COVID confusion" and putting their viewers' lives at risk.

The Food and Drug Administration was forced to issue a warning against taking the veterinary drug ivermectin to treat the coronavirus, and the "Morning Joe" host blamed conservative media hosts for spreading misinformation about the pandemic.

"Rolling Stone reported there was a spike in poison control calls following a number of reports by Fox News personalities that the deworming drugs for cows and horses -- let me say that again, there are people on television saying that a deworming product for cows and horses is a safe treatment for COVID," Scarborough said.

The producers rolled video of Fox News host Sean Hannity promoting the drug as a possible treatment for COVID-19, and Scarborough pointed out the chyron below these misleading reports.

"I just got to say, you look at the headings down at the bottom and when they're talking, when they're talking about getting Americans to take deworming pills that are used for cows, they have the audacity to have their lower third say 'COVID confusion,'" Scarborough said.

"COVID confusion? It has been coming from many of the same sources, including one who is now acting shocked and stunned that there is a medical 'cartel' that doesn't want you, that doesn't want you to take deworming medication for cows and horses," he added. "Let me -- I'm going to give it to you straight here, as I always do. it is probably true, they probably have that right, that medical, quote, 'cartels' do not want you or your loved ones to take deworming products for livestock and making this all the more preposterous, sad and dangerous, NBC has learned that feed stores in Alabama are selling out of the drugs. Officials are having to put the warning out there, do not take deworming products that you would normally use on your cows or horses."

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