Jan. 6 Committee wants Secret Service 'under oath' to explain deleted text messages: Schiff
Secret Service agent outside Doanld Trump's vehicle (Photo by Thomas Samson for AFP)

A member of the Jan. 6 Committee revealed that Secret Service agents and staff may be put under oath for interviews about the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

On Sunday, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) told CBS host Margaret Brennan that the committee is keen to recover deleted text messages that were sent by the Secret Service on Jan. 6.

"If they're hiring criminal defense counsel then they probably have a concern about their criminal liability," Schiff noted. "We want to hear from these witnesses. Some we want to hear from again. We want to put them under oath if they weren't previously under oath so that we can understand exactly what was happening on Jan. 5th and Jan. 6th."

"And we have profound concerns about what's going on at the Secret Service," he added. "We are now, for the first time, getting documents that we had requested long, long ago."

Schiff suggested that the committee could investigate the agency for failing to provide the documents in a timely manner.

"And furthermore, we want to obtain those text messages," he said, "if there's any way to retrieve them. But either way, we want to get answers as to why those were destroyed."Watch the video below from CBS or at this link.

Watch the video below from CBS or at this link.