Sharon Osbourne gives first interview to Bill Maher -- and of course the talk is on 'cancel culture'

Sharon Osbourne on Friday sat down for her first extended TV interview since leaving the CBS show "The Talk" last month under a cloud of scandal.

Instead of being interviewed by a reporter, Osbourne chose to be interviewed by HBO "Real Time" comedian Bill Maher. Kellyanne Conway made the same choice in January.

Osbourne had been accused of referring to then-co-host Julie Chen as "Wonton" and "slanty eyes." She also reportedly referred to former co-host Sara Gilbert as "p*ssy eater" and "fish eater."

The problems got worse when Osbourne defended Piers Morgan following his highly controversial comments on Megan Markle and the British Royal Family.

"I am with you," Osbourne said. "I stand by you. People forget that you're paid for your opinion and that you're just speaking your truth."

The problem is, Morgan's "truth" struck many as being a racist opinion.

Morgan resigned from "Good Morning Britain" and Osbourne ended up leaving "The Talk."

"See, they still love you," Maher said as she entered the stage and asked how she was doing.

"I'm angry, I'm hurt," Osbourne said. "I'm a fighter."

Although neither were fired, resigning was close enough for Maher, who framed the situation as one of "cancel culture" instead of racism. Maher has been on the topic for months in his crusade against accountability.

"So he was called a racist and lost his job and you were called a racist and lost your job," Maher summarized. "Do I have it right?"

"You've got it right, that's exactly how it went," Osbourne replied.

Maher said the criticism Osbourne as he described it sounded "insane."

The host suggested that the British Royal Family might not be racist, just "cold to everybody."

And then the conversation shifted to why Morgan had viewed one of Osbourne's breasts.

Maher mentioned the "Asian slur, lesbian slur" but did not mention what Osbourne was alleged to said. At which point Osbourne deployed the "women are bitches" defense and said it was just "disgruntled ladies."

As Maher continued to rant about holding people accountable, he shouted, "I don't need re-education!"

Maher also bragged about getting Osbourne's first interview, even though he is known for asking softball questions while focusing on his pet peeves like so-called "cancel cancel."