Former cop fatally shoots teen after harassing his friends for ‘careless driving’: report

A 17-year-old was killed Wednesday night in an apparent shootout with a former police officer who had been harassing his friend for "driving carelessly."

Amber Roseborough told the Denver Gazette that after her daughter and some friends pulled up to her home in Aurora, Colorado, at about 10:30 p.m. on Thanksgiving Eve, a man drove up in a truck, boxed in her vehicle, and started yelling at her.

"My daughter came in the door and said 'Mom, this guy is yelling at me for speeding and he called me sweetheart,'" Roseborough said.

The shooting was captured on Roseborough's doorbell camera. Three of her daughter's friends ran inside the house, while two remained outside arguing with the man.

"Right when I opened the door, the shots were happening.," Roseborough said, adding that she heard 9-10 gunshots.

In the video, the man in the truck can be heard yelling "I love you" at Roseborough's daughter as she fumbles with the doorknob, according to the newspaper. "After more arguing, someone shouts, 'This is not your neighborhood!' Seconds later, shots are fired."

Roseborough rushed outside and started performing CPR on one of her daughter's friends.

"It was during this time, she said, that the man moved his truck twice and then returned to the scene," according to the newspaper. "She told The Gazette that the man was shot in the hip and was yelling, 'What the hell? I can't believe this!'"

One of her daughters friends — a 17-year-old male — later died at a hospital. His identity had not been released.

The man in the truck was identified as a 36-year-old former police officer in Greenwood Village, Colorado, but his name has not been released. He suffered a gunshot wound but is expected to recover. Police said they are working to determine "who acted as the primary aggressor."

"Roseborough says her daughter wasn't speeding through the neighborhood, but said the car is loud and the man may have been upset about the noise," the newspaper reports.

Watch the doorbell camera video here.

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