'Kraken' Sidney Powell loses again as Supreme Court tosses her remaining attempts to overturn vote in Arizona and Wisconsin
Sidney Powell during a Fox Business News interview. (Screenshot)

On Monday, BuzzFeed News justice correspondent Zoe Tillman reported that pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell suffered yet another blow, with the Supreme Court tossing her remaining petitions to challenge the results of the election in Arizona and Wisconsin.

Powell was originally cheered on by former President Donald Trump's allies, with campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis saying she and Rudy Giuliani would "release the kraken" — a term that was swiftly picked up by adherents of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

But Powell's challenges to election results around the country bungled basic facts, with her at one point apparently believing that Detroit was in Wisconsin. Powell's antics swiftly embarrassed the Trump team, with Ellis issuing a statement making clear Powell was acting in her own capacity and not on behalf of the campaign.