Sidney Powell was central in the 'big lie' and can't pretend she was just kidding: Ex-prosecutor

On CNN Tuesday, former federal prosecutor Elie Honig tore into pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell for trying to claim she wasn't making serious statements of fact about election fraud in her defense against a pending defamation suit.

"Let me read from her own brief: "No reasonable person would conclude that this the statements were truly matter of fact," said anchor Poppy Harlow. "Is this a serious legal defense? Will it stand? And could she be disbarred?"

"No, it's not a serious legal defense. No, it won't stand," said Honig. "What is so interesting to me, Poppy, Sidney Powell doesn't even try to claim that all of her claims about election conspiracy, election fraud were based on some nugget of truth, some kernel of fact. Not only were they lies or conspiracy theories, they were such flagrant lies that no person could possibly reasonably believe them. In fact, what Sidney Powell has done here is she made the plaintiff's case. She made Dominion's case. They need to prove these were false claims. She knew they were false. She's come out and all but admitted that in her court papers."

"This shows how central she was in the big lie," said Harlow. "You just said that it sounds like the bar for Dominion is not that high to prove that, right? So, I mean, what does that mean? Is she on the hook for a billion dollars?"

"Well, ordinarily it is hard to prove a defamation case," said Honig. "Not when the defendant admits it was a complete and flagrant lie ... you know, Sidney Powell takes this to such an extreme point of view here. What she's arguing is, I shouldn't even be taken seriously. And keep that in mind when you hear this big lie repeated by Donald Trump, by Rudy Giuliani. They have not given up on it yet. So next time Donald Trump gets on TV or, you know, gets on social media and says election was stolen from me, remember, his chosen attorney at one point, Sidney Powell, she's already given it up. She's already said, no, big lie. So ridiculous, nobody should believe it."

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