'Kraken' lawyer Sidney Powell sketches out impossible vote-switching scenario
Sidney Powell during a Fox Business News interview. (Screenshot)

Far-right attorney Sidney Powell sketched out an improbably broad conspiracy theory that she claims resulted in Donald Trump's election loss.

The former Trump attorney baselessly claimed in an interview with the right-wing "Ledger Report" that all votes are directed to a secret server where they can be manipulated, although many states use paper ballots or voting machines that are not connected to the internet, reported Newsweek.

Powell infamously promised to "release the Kraken" as she launched a failed legal campaign to prove the election was stolen from Trump.

"What I think really has to be discovered is that there is a secret server that all the votes go to where they manipulate the heck out of it," Powell claimed. "We need to know where their servers are and what they're doing with them, and we need the data from them and we need the data from the machines. But they're going as fast as they can, right now, everywhere they can to completely revamp the machines with new software that erases everything that shows what they did."

Powell also claimed, without showing any evidence, the U.S. Army had given a grant to a New Jersey university to develop an algorithm that could help predetermine the outcome of an election, and she claimed the Department of Defense conspired with the National Institutes of Health "to inject false voter identifications and votes into our voting system and allow remote access enough central server."

"That is the recipe for disaster that we have today," Powell added.