Giuliani called Sidney Powell 'crazy' in ugly confrontation over election fraud claims: report
Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani (Photo: Screen capture)

According to a report from Business Insider, which obtained a copy of Micheal Wolff's upcoming book "Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency," former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani blurted that he thought attorney Sidney Powell was "crazy" after they battled over election fraud strategies.

The report notes that Donald Trump attorneys Giuliani and Powell (who promised to unleash the "Kraken") battled frequently over legal strategies to overturn the 2020 presidential elections, with third attorney, Jenna Ellis, acting as a go-between trying to keep the peace.

According to Business Insider, Wolff's book reveals that last November, "During an outburst, Giuliani, who served as Trump's personal lawyer and has backed up many of the former president's debunked election claims, reportedly described Powell as 'crazy.'"

For her part, Powell pushed back at Giuliani for questioning her election fraud theories by "snapping" at him, "I didn't come here to kiss your f*cking ring," according to Wolff.

The report notes that Giuliani and Powell engaged in one "showdown" that led Ellis to have to intercede as they fled to separate rooms while she went in search of Trump.

"The two of them [Powell and Giuliani] ended up in separate rooms sulking, with Ellis calling the president to moderate," Wolff wrote. "The president made clear that he wanted Powell on the team. He was embracing everybody (or anybody) who agreed that the election had been stolen from him."

Business Insider added, "In late November, Giuliani and Ellis announced that Powell was 'practicing law on her own' after being purged from the campaign team. However, just weeks later, The New York Times reported that Trump was considering naming Powell as a special counsel investigating voter fraud."

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