Jennifer and James Crumbley
Jennifer and James Crumbley (Photos: Mugshots from sheriff's department)

The parents of Michigan school shooter Ethan Crumbley drained their son's bank account and purchased four cell phones before fleeing the county prior to their arrests, prosecutors said in court Friday.

Meanwhile, a defense attorney for James and Jennifer Crumbley argued that the couple's extramarital affairs are "irrelevant" to the criminal case against them, Law & Crime reports.

Prosecutors have alleged that the Crumbleys ignored red flags related to their 15-year-old son because they were preoccupied with their extramarital affairs, in addition to being sidetracked by "substance abuse" and caring for their horses.

“The information provided by the prosecution related to extramarital relationships is not only clearly irrelevant to the issue of bond or any criminal responsibility but is also a clear intention by the prosecution to create a conflict between the parties,” defense attorney Mariell Lehman argued in court Friday, referring to the fact that the Crumbleys are represented by the same law firm. “Your honor, there is no conflict. We have explained and discussed the matter extramarital relationships with our clients and there are no issues.”

A judge ultimately denied the Crumbleys' request to lower their $500,000 bonds.

Prosecutors said the Crumbleys remain a flight risk "especially given the way they were arrested," Law & Crime reports.

James Crumbley was employed transiently by Door Dash, Jennifer Crumbley had been fired from her job, and they had put their home up for sale after falling $11,000 behind on payments, according to prosecutors.

After the shooting, prosecutors said the Crumbleys "started making plans to sell their horses, line up a hotel, bought four cell phones, drained their son’s bank account, withdrew money from their own accounts, and went on the lam rather than turn themselves in to the authorities," Law & Crime reports.

"In total, the couple had 'more than a dozen credit cards and gift cards' and $6,600 in cash," according to the site. "The couple tried to destroy one of the four phones before they were taken into custody."

The Crumbley's withdrew $3,000 from their son's account, leaving only 99 cents in it, according to the Detroit News. While the Crumbleys have private attorneys, their son is represented by a public defender.

"During a breakout session between the judge and the attorneys at the end of the proceeding, Jennifer and James Crumbley appeared to mouth words and make hand gestures to one another on the court video feed in an apparent attempt to communicate," Law & Crime reports.

Watch the hearing below.

James and Jennifer Crumbley in court for bond in Oxford High School shooting