'Sovereign citizen' busted after stealing COVID-19 vaccines: 'This is what they're poisoning everybody with!'
Thomas Humphrey. (TMZ)

A Minnesota sovereign citizen has posted multiple videos of himself stealing coronavirus vaccines -- which he calls "poison" -- by pretending he wants to get a shot.

Thomas Humphrey, of St. Paul, claims in the Facebook posts that he lost his business and home last year due to pandemic restrictions, and he posted videos showing himself walking out of an Allina Health vaccination site in Oakdale with a vial of the Pfizer vaccines and leaving a CVS pharmacy with a vial of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, reported Minnesota Reformer.

"This is what they're poisoning everybody with," he says in one video.

The videos have been viewed thousands of times, and the 32-year-old Humphrey was arrested last week after taking a handful of free sugar packets from a Kwik Shop as an analogy to stealing the vaccine.

Officers were called to the Blaine store over the disturbance there but didn't know about Humphrey stealing vaccines and posting evidence online, but he was instead taken into custody over an invalid license plate.

Humphrey has been released from jail, and it's not clear what charges he faces.

He told viewers that he currently lives in a van with his dog, and he disputed a bipolar disorder diagnosis he had gotten.