Weekly CDC report reveals people who knew they had COVID-19 still went out to bar event and spread it

A new CDC report revealed that there was a subset of people who still went out and about despite knowing they had COVID-19, the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) said.

The study linked 46 COVID cases to one indoor event at a rural Illinois bar. Of those people, 29 from the event then spread it to an additional 17 people. Those included 3 people at a nursing home, and some that resulted in a school of 650 kids was forced to close. those who attended the event didn't socially distance themselves from each other, had "inconsistent" mask usage. There was also "no outside airflow," the CDC report said.

"These findings demonstrate that opening up settings such as bars, where mask-wearing and physical distancing are challenging, can increase the risk for community transmission," the study states.

It's similar to another incident in which a group of COVID-positive people went from their positive test to a group exercise class.

In that case, "22 (40 percent) attendees with COVID-19 attended an exercise class on or after the date of symptoms onset, including three (5 percent) who attended on the same day or after they received the positive test results."

Read the full MMWR for details.