South Florida private detective live-streamed Capitol insurrection to Russia in real time: report
Rioters January 6th (AFP)

On Wednesday, the Miami Herald profiled a video blogging private detective from South Florida who broadcast the pro-Trump invasion of the U.S. Capitol to Russia as it was unfolding.

"His name is Stanislav Doudnik," reported Kevin Hall. "He's a Hallandale Beach-based private detective/blogger, part of the growing, insular community of expatriates from the former Soviet Union that has put down roots in South Florida. Members have have bought real estate, run businesses and forged connections."

"The Russian-speaking video blogger from South Florida walked alongside the throngs wearing MAGA hats and carrying Trump flags as the crowd descended on the Capitol, heeding the call to disrupt the certification of electoral college results," said the report. "His broadcast reached Russian speakers across the United States and in the mother country, pushing the Stop the Steal narrative and other debunked election-fraud allegations. In the digital version of a tip jar, his YouTube and Instagram accounts included electronic payment links to PayPal and Zelle for those who might want to thank him for his broadcasts."

According to the Herald, Doudnik has a history of controversy; his private investigation firm "planted tracking devices on the cars of two Hallandale Beach city commissioners and a candidate for office to find alleged mischief" — although he denied any knowledge of his employee's plan to do this.

Russia in general has been a cheerleader for Trump in American politics, famously having interfered on his behalf in elections. On state media, anchors have been visibly dismayed at President Joe Biden's win and even speculated they may need to go to war against the West.