Trump impeachment attorney: 'We need to eradicate people like Steve Bannon' from politics
Steve Bannon (Screengrab / 60 minutes)

The lead counsel on the first House impeachment probe of Donald Trump said Steve Bannon other right-wing extremists must be banished back to the fringes of the Republican Party.

Dan Goldman appeared Tuesday on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," where he announced his campaign for New York attorney general and defended the prosecution of Bannon for defying a congressional subpoena in the Jan. 6 investigation.

"It goes to a much larger point, which is it's one thing for someone like Steve Bannon to be on the fringes, as he was for so long," Goldman said. "It's another thing for him to be at the center of the Republican Party right now, and that's where he is and that's what's so scary, is that when he starts preaching about bringing down the state, you could think it's just a raving of a lunatic."

"But the reality is he has incredible following, he has a close relationship with the former president and he feels like he's above the law, as do all of his followers and the former president," Goldman added. "The fact the matter is, the only way to save our state, so to speak, is to fight for the rule of law and fight for our democratic values and we need to eradicate people like Steve Bannon from prominence. Not eradicated them, they can be on the fringes, but they should not be at the center of the political landscape."

Attorney General Merrick Garland is performing a badly needed function by pursuing criminal contempt charges against Bannon, according to Goldman.

"If Steve Bannon is just going to flout his nose at a congressional subpoena and say it does not apply to me, then he needs to be charged and put in jail so that he recognizes that he's not above the law," Goldman said, "that the rule of law still controls this democratic country, and that's going to be both the message to him and all of his followers."

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