WATCH: Nevada governor accosted by ranting conspiracy theorists threatening to hang him
Las Vegas Review-Journal

A newly released video shows at least two men accosting Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak and his wife at a Las Vegas restaurant.

The confrontation appears to have taken place at the Lindo Michoacan restaurant, although the date is unclear, and the video shows a man with a shaved head and a beard approach the governor and put his left arm around him, reported the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“I can’t tell you what a piece of f*cking sh*t you are,” the man says, as Sisolak says he's sorry to hear that and steps away. “You New World Order traitor piece of sh*t b*tch. You’re in here without security?”

The man continues ranting profanity at the governor as he exits the restaurant with his wife Kathy, and a second man joins the harangue.

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“I want to second that,” the second man says. “You’re a traitor. You should go down for treason, and I hope you hang.”

The two men keep taunting Sisolak and making references to hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug that some conservatives believe is a cure for COVID-19, and China.

“I’m surprised you have the balls to be out here in public, punk,” the first man says. “Out here without a cop. Out here without security. Wooo. You got balls on you, boy. I’m not moving.”

Another man is then shown outside the restaurant ranting about treason, but it's not clear whether he's the second man or a third, and the first man continues to threaten the governor with hanging.

“We should string you up by a lamp post right now, pussy boy," he says. “You running into a patriot now. Huh? Huh? Where’s your security at?”

VIDEO: Nevada governor, first lady accosted, threatened at Las Vegas restaurant

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