Stewart Rhodes' ex-wife issues warning on what to expect if a jury finds him not guilty
Stewart Rhodes (Photo by Nicholas Kamm for AFP)

With the Oath Keeper's Stewart Rhodes trial lurching into its third day, the former wife of the leader of the right-wing extremist group warned that, should a jury not find him guilty of seditious conspiracy, he will go back to his old ways and be a threat to the country.

Speaking with CNN "New Day" host John Berman, Tasha Adams, who helped Rhodes start up the paramilitary group, said her ex has a knack for inciting others to violence similar to what the country witnessed during the Jan. 6 insurrection.

"What's his relationship or attitude toward violence?" host Berman asked.

"He has no limits when it comes to violence, his only limit on violence is what does he think he can get away with," Adams replied before adding, "Though he is risk-averse for himself, he doesn't want to get hurt, he certainly has no limits on engineering violence from the other side, from no limits on justifying it for anything that he thinks is a good cause, whatever that may be at any given time and that can change with someone like him."

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"How much faith do you believe he had in others to walk the line that he's calling on them to act, and for others to behave in the way he was hoping, namely the former president Donald Trump?" the CNN host pressed.

"He really believed he could control people with his voice, as long as he got in front of them; this is why I did believe that there was a moment where he asked to speak to Trump directly," she explained. "It sounds like him, it sounds like he was becoming fearful and he wanted to regain that control and he wanted to use his voice to manipulate even Donald Trump."

"So this is a court case and a jury could decide that he is not guilty. What do you think happens if Stewart Rhodes is found not guilty?" Berman asked.

"If he is found not guilty, he rises again," Adams quickly replied. "The only thing stopping him from being the great hero on the extreme right was that for a short time there they suspected he might be some type of informant. Well, now he's paid his dues in that department, he's been in jail."

"I believe he even said going to jail would help him in the movement, at least in the eyes of the movement," she added. "There's nothing, if he's acquitted, stopping him from rising up, becoming a great hero and a martyr and a leader all at once and doing this again."

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