Host responds to GOP senator calling to 'move on': 'You don't get to sing kumbaya' until you stop spreading lies
CNN host Pamela Brown and Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN host Pamela Brown is the reporter who fact-checked Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS), when he claimed he wants to "move on" from the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol because the country must "heal." At the top of her show Sunday, she called out Marshall and other Republicans who are quick to move on from the issue tearing their party apart.

"Last night I spoke to Roger Marshall of Kansas," Brown began. "He was one of the six senators that voted against certifying the electoral results for two states hours later, and I asked about consequences of decisions like that from GOP lawmakers and if he had any regret."

She showed the video as he attempted to dodge responsibility and perpetuate the lie that led to the attack on the Capitol.

"We would all love to heal and move on from this shameful episode of our country, but here's the thing, the reality is Republicans and their followers have not moved on from the election. Case in point, the officials who enabled it or are complicit with their silence should be held accountable," said Brown. "In Arizona, as you see in this video right here, Republicans are still trying to overturn the 2020 results and fuel paranoia with a partisan audit of ballots after two prior audits already found no issues and only confirmed the results — the fact that Trump lost that state. Well, this year, Republicans in almost every single state legislature have introduced new voting restrictions. And they're using lies like 'rampant voter fraud' to justify the measures."

Former President Donald Trump, she said, "is still ranting to anyone within earshot" that he was the 2020 winner. The "real" results will come out any day, Trump claimed.

"The same GOP propaganda that led to a deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol, as you see, it has not gone away," Brown continued. "That's why I challenge every single Republican I have on the show who voted to overturn the election. They don't get to have everybody sing kumbaya until they stop repeating the same baseless claim that caused this."

See her opener below:

republicans want forgiveness for insurrection while still spinning the same lie that caused it