REVEALED: 'Stop the Steal' organizer got mysterious payout from murky PAC days after House subpoena

A dormant super PAC sent a mysterious contribution to Jan. 6 organizer Ali Alexander a week after he was subpoenaed by the House select committee.

The $6,000 payout earmarked for "PAC management services" was disbursed Oct. 16 from the "Stop the Steal PAC," which had raised only $11,000 from a single contribution on Dec. 31, 2020, and Alexander's consulting firm Vice and Victory was one of only two vendors listed, reported The Daily Beast.

The campaign's other vendor was “A Political Firm, LLC,” which belonged to the super PAC's treasurer Patrick Krason, who denounced the Jan. 6 riot to The Daily Beast and said he only filed paperwork as part of his duties as a full-time compliance consultant.

The select committee subpoenaed evidence from an "Stop the Steal," which the panel described as a limited liability corporation, but does not mention the political action committee -- and it appears a shift in the organization's terms of service occurred the day before the lone donation and a week before the riot.

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"According to the terms of service page today, the last modification happened on Dec. 30, 2020 — a week before the riot," The Daily Beast reported. "However, an earlier version of the terms of service, archived a few weeks after the riot, does not include that LLC language. This means the terms were in fact changed after Dec. 30, 2020, and that the site’s current claim otherwise is inaccurate. (The archived page also says it was last modified on Dec. 30, 2020.)"

The PAC's treasurer told the Federal Election Commission in required filings that payment processors cut off access after the riot as a result of Alexander's sudden notoriety, which Krason said made his compliance work for the group nearly impossible, but the last-minute shift in its terms of service may have kept the "Stop the Steal PAC" out of sight from House investigators.