'I'm a super spreader!' Anti-masker makes life miserable for Home Depot workers

A man who refused to wear a face mask filmed himself making life miserable for workers at Home Depot as they told him that he could not buy anything unless he masked up.

At the start of the video, the man is seen berating a Home Depot worker who informed him that the store would refuse him service if he refused to wear a mask while inside.

"You're going to let me walk around with no mask and just not serve me?!" he asked incredulously. "So I can super-spread [the novel coronavirus] but you just won't sell me things?!"

Another worker came over and informed the man that it was the store's policy to not serve him if he wouldn't wear a mask -- and the man again insisted that he would simply stay in the store maskless anyway.

"I'm gonna walk around here for three hours and super spread and I'm not gonna buy nothing!" he crowed.

The man then grew frustrated and walked out of the store while yelling, "I'm a super spreader!"

Watch the video below.