Clarence Thomas’ wife 'not only embraced the conspiracy, she was trying to shape it’: Ex-Senator
Clarence and Ginni Thomas (Facebook)

Justice Clarence Thomas is coming under fire after his wife, Ginni Thomas, was revealed to have been texting with Donald Trump's chief of staff about overturning the 2020 election. The conservative judge was the single person on the High Court to dissent in the order rejecting Trump's efforts to hold back documents from the Jan. 6 probes.

In wake of the news, there has been an increase in demands for Thomas to be sanctioned or investigated and required to recuse himself on anything involving Jan. 6, 2021, or the 2020 election. The news comes at a time when the Supreme Court is at a historic low approval rating and public opinion polls show American believe it is too political.

Speaking to MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace on Monday, former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) cited what the actual law says about the ethics of the Supreme Court justices.

"A Supreme Court -- any federal judge or magistrate, including Supreme Court Justices, must recuse themselves when 'impartiality might be reasonably questioned,'" McCaskill read. "Hello?! This is a woman who not only embraced the conspiracy, she was trying to shape it. She was trying to make it happen. She was an active participant at the highest levels of our government. Justice [John] Roberts — he did a big speech about how we can't have anybody else deciding if a justice should recuse themselves. Excuse me?"

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She went on to quote Justice John Roberts saying that allowing the justices to second-guess themselves "could turn ugly," when the reality is that things have already gotten ugly.

"This is ugly. This is really ugly," she said. We have ethics committees in Congress where you have to judge other members of congress and they have successfully run people out of congress for violations. I'm telling you the Supreme Court better wake up here because if there aren't people in Congress with their hands in the air... to tell the truth about this escapade and what's going on with Ginni Thomas then we do not have the checks and balances in the government that we need to have."

Betsy Woodruff Swan reported Monday that the Jan. 6 committee has been discussing whether to call Thomas to the stand in the probe. The story came after Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) hinted at as much last week.

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Clarence Thomas’ wife wasn’t just embracing ‘the conspiracy, she was trying to shape it’: Ex-Senator