MAGA candidate evicted from his own house after wife requests emergency protection order: report
Newsmax/screen grab

A Trump-loving candidate for Pennsylvania lieutenant governor has reportedly been evicted from his own house after his wife asked a court for an emergency protection order.

Rolling Stone reports that MAGA candidate Teddy Daniels was ordered to leave his home over allegations of abuse leveled by his wife.

"In court documents obtained by Rolling Stone, Daniels’ wife accuses him of stalking her and being verbally abusive, as well as threatening her, their young child, and the family dog," the publication writes.

The order bars Daniels from entering his home or from trying to contact his wife. Additionally, Daniels's wife was also granted custody over their child.

Rolling Stone notes that Daniels's wife delivered handwritten notes to the court in which she alleges that the MAGA candidate "threatened to kill [our] family dog in front of children," and added that she was "afraid of him and what he will do to me and our [child]."

This is not the first time abuse allegations have been leveled against Daniels, as an ex-wife last year described him as "physically and emotionally abusive" and of being negligent in paying child support.

When asked about these allegations last year, Daniels lashed out at reporters for being "man bun wearing purple-haired sissies."

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