Black employees sue Tesla over racist and physical abuse at factory: ‘Suck it up — this happens all the time’

More than a dozen Black employees sued Tesla for creating a "racially hostile work environment" at its automobile factories.

The lawsuit filed June 30 in California court by 15 current and former employees accused Tesla of overlooking Black workers for promotions, allowing employees to racial slurs without punishment, and failing to remove racist graffiti -- including swastikas and the letters "KKK" -- from bathrooms, reported Business Insider.

One worker said he was tackled by another employee on the job, and his supervisor failed to take action, saying, "Suck it up and be a man, this happens here all the time."

The same man said he was later harassed by a coworker who threw metal bolts at him, and his supervisor again took no action when he reported the abuse.

Tesla has been hit with racial discrimination lawsuits in the past, including 46 alleging sexual and racial harassment at its Fremont factory in the last five years.