Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton under investigation from the bar association
The booking photo of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton/Screenshot

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has navigated several scandals before and after taking office and now it's being reported that he's being investigated for possible sanctions by the state bar association.

"The investigation is yet another liability for the embattled attorney general, who is facing a years-old criminal case, a separate, newer FBI investigation, and a Republican primary opponent who is seeking to make electoral hay of the various controversies," said the Associated Press. "It also makes Paxton one of the highest-profile lawyers to face professional blowback over their roles in Donald Trump's effort to delegitimize his defeat."

"He wanted to disenfranchise the voters in four other states," said Kevin Moran, of the Galveston Island Democrats. "It's just crazy."

Paxton was part of the lawsuit where his state and others sued states that voted to support President Joe Biden. They were laughed out of court. Paxton was caught deleting records. He encountered two fraud cases, one before he was in office and one after. In fact, he was indicted in 2015, but still hasn't been brought to trial. Paxton also bragged to right-wing commentator Steve Bannon that had he not locked down the ease of voting that Donald Trump may not have won Texas. Paxton blocked counties from being able to send "vote by mail applications" to citizens. Not ballots, but applications for ballots.

After Paxton responds to the complaint, the "bar staff will take up the case in a proceeding that resembles the grand jury stage of a criminal investigation," the report said. "Bar investigators are empowered to question witnesses, hold hearings and issue subpoenas to determine whether a lawyer likely committed misconduct. That finding then launches a disciplinary process that could ultimately result in disbarment, suspension or a lesser punishments. A lawyer also could be found to have done nothing wrong."

George P. Bush has announced that he'll challenge Paxton in 2022.

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