Texas governor tries to blame Democrats after GOP mistakes cause of fatal power outages

Texas Republicans have received stinging criticism for their policies after power outages killed Texans during this week's brutal snowstorms.

Even though coal and natural gas -- plus the unusual situation of The Lone Star State having its own power grid -- are largely responsible for the fatal power outages, Republicans have sought to blame wind and solar power.

Hours after saying energy producers have told him natural gas pipes are frozen, Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) went on Fox News to praise fossil fuels to Sean Hannity.

"So this shows how the Green New Deal would be a deadly deal for the United States of America," Abbott argued, even though the Green New Deal has not passed Congress and Republicans have near-total control of Texas.

"As a result, it just shows that fossil fuel is necessary for the state of Texas as well as other states to make sure that we'll be able to heat our homes in the wintertime and cool our homes in the summertime," he argued.

Abbott's comments defending fossil fuels after they failed Texas comes as Galveston County is seeking a refrigerated truck to deal with the influx of those killed by the power outages.