Watch: Texas man blurts out racial slur at homeowner while claiming to sell solar panels

On Wednesday, ABC13 reported that what appeared to be a solar panel sales pitch in the Acres Homes neighborhood of Houston, Texas went off the rails immediately as the salesman blurted out the N-word for no apparent reason.

"ABC13 blurred the face of the man who used the slur because he is not facing charges. A Harris County investigator said what he did was ignorant and racist, but not illegal," reported Briana Conner. "A doorbell camera captured a man who described himself as a neighbor and solar panel salesman making an introduction. 'We do solar around here, and we're just coming around talking to n*****s. Sorry, dude. Neighbors. I apologize,' he said."

The homeowner, identified only as Michael, said, "In order for me to not feel the way I wanted to feel and do the things I wanted to do, I just had to separate myself and walk away from that situation, because that's my house."

Making matters stranger, there appears to be little evidence the man in question was actually affiliated with the solar installation company he claimed he was — and the company denies it.

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"Aside from the question of intention, Michael said he wondered why the man said his name was Fernando, he lived a few doors down, and worked for Pink Energy," said the report. "Pink Energy sent ABC13 a statement: 'Pink Energy does not comment on the activities of other companies' employees. The shirt he is wearing is not a Pink Energy shirt and appears to have another company name on it. The individual in the video does not and has never worked for Pink Energy.'"

Racial slur incidents around the country have attracted intense scrutiny. In Florida last week, a commercial landlord got caught in a racist rant against a former NFL player who wanted the facilities tested for mold.

Watch video below or at this link.